Adriatic Danube Black Sea Multimodal Platform

Toward a Multimodal Freight Network Over South-Eastern Europe

From Venice’s Lagoon to the Outskirts of Russia. Smoothly

ADB Multiplatform has promoted environmentally friendly and multimodal transport solutions from the ports of the SEE area to inland countries and regions, along a selected pilot transnational network, developing a collaborative platform which integrates several regions and transport business stakeholders.


Expected benefits range from overcoming the administrative bottlenecks to smoothing logistics flows to boosting HR’s multimodal knowledge. Ongoing or achieved Pilot actions

  1. E-customs procedures between Bari and Durres for freight SSS flows, namely RO-RO flow
  2. The intermodal route to connect the Interadriatic systems and creation of ADB Intermodal contract template
  3. Open-web services for a better RO-RO traffic governance in the Port of Bar
  4. Multimodal inland waterway transport service on Danube River from Slovakia to Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, with extension to Romania and Bulgaria.


Lead partner: Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region

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