Action Plan towards the Smart Port Concept in the Mediterranean Area

A Smart Map to Reach the Smart-Port

Project at a glance

The SMART-PORT project contributes to sustainable growth with a focus on container ports. It fosters the adoption of energy management models as well as innovation in technologies and processes.

The overall SMART-PORT entails

› A map of the Smart-Port criteria, displaying the key factors of competitiveness in terms of operations, energy & environment,
› An overview of the current situation of 9 Med ports;
› A map of competitive strengths and weaknesses within 5 Med port areas (Valencia, Algeciras Bay, Piraeus, Genoa, Luka Koper).
› A strategic action plan based upon existing potentials, to create a competitive network between MED ports.

A Holistic Overview on Ports

SMART-PORT aims to offer a general competitiveness overview of the Med ports in an integrated & holistic way concentrated on operational, energy and environmental aspects.

SMART-PORT purpose is to analyze the situation of MED container ports based on the smart-port trends and to identify possible future approaches to enhance their leading role. SMART-PORT involves the definition of key factors of competitiveness in the operational, energy and environmental aspects, and current MED ports situations. Thus, MED ports competitive advantages and disadvantages will be identified, an action plan will be developed, and a network created.


Lead partner: Andalusian Institute of Technology (E.A.T)

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