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MED-PCS project aims at achieving an operating implementation of Port Community Systems (PCS) in four Mediterranean ports (Cartagera, Igoumenitsa, Levante Ports and Tarragona) to improve port procedures performance. The plan requires a thorough study of the current situation of European PCSs, and a comprehensive analysis of Port Community needs.

Welcome PCS

The prototype tool tested at the Port of Igoumenitsa intends to involve other Port Communities in the perimeter by defining and evaluating new functions to be developed. The MED-PCS project will exchange with contributors in view of assessing this tool.

The new functions to be addressed will concern:
- In and outbound container and unaccompanied trailers lists
- Truck pick-up pre-announcement for container or unaccompanied trailers
- Gate access controls for both in and outbound equipment controls
- Administrative (e.g. customs clearance) containers or unaccompanied trailers controls

Eventually, since berth allocation services have already been set up within APC system and are provided as a module of the already implemented PCS, the software will be integrated and interfaced to the container and unaccompanied trailer operations within MED-PCS.

New Software Design for the PCS


Lead partner: Tarragona Port Authority

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