Seamless Logistics

Five successful experimentations to be discovered and a set of best practices to share

Master plan of Malta to set-up a National Maritime Single Window


How come, in the era of worldwide networks, so many documents still have to be dispatched to so many recipients? A unique sending, to all involved administrations: this is the « single window » logic.

EU Compliance

A Single Window IN Italian Ports

A new software set proposed and developed by MEDNET can solve, as a whole, compliance, complexity and electronic data collection and communication issues related to shipping, port, customs and administrative matters. A prototype was produced based on Venice and Bari current port operations. Worth keeping an eye on that!

Pilot action at Port of Ancona

As part of the ongoing PCS test and error process at the port of Ancona, MEDNET suggests key functional improvements to the ongoing project, primarily for better communications with harbour master as well as customs and Health authorities. Process spurring and productiveness gains on their way indeed!

Pilot action at Port of Patras

Optimized Port Parking Areas

Usage and misusing of parking lots dedicated to heavy vehicles at port of Patras: Mednet proposes an autonomous, innovative, computerized system based upon simple vehicle occupancy sensors, for a visual real-time display of parking lot usage and dynamic slot allocation. Further developments could extend to berth management integration.

Pilot action at Port of Igoumenitsa

Optimizing Berth Occupation

Tens of vessels to berth every day, with just a limited number of quays. Cruise ships want to book a specific berth up to one year ahead, and have coaches and taxis waiting for their customers right down the gangway. Container ships need cranes to load and unload their cargoes, and trucks to pick up boxes. Every vessel wants to berth as soon as possible and get a fast turnaround. Berth allocation management and planning are a real everyday puzzle for most ports. Including the port of Igoumenitsa, on the north-west coast of Greece. 


Lead partner: Rete Autostrade Mediterranee

Capitalized MEDNET pilot actions
4.1. Automatic exit of trucks from port areas at port of Koper
4.4. Parking management and Customs procedures improvements for ro-ro traffic at port of Igoumenitsa
4.6. Improvement of ro-ro traffic, parking management and Customs procedures at port of Rijeka
5.1. Simplification and enhancement of procedures related to ship supplies at Valenciaport
5.3. Berth allocation system for ro-ro and cruise traffic at port of Igoumenitsa
6.1. Electronic procedures related to container consolidated cargoes at Valenciaport
6.2. Setting up of an integrated, user-friendly and computerised procedure to improve accessibility at port of Taranto
6.3. Introduction of National Customs Single Window at port of Ancona
6.5. Master Plan of Malta to set up a national maritime Single Window
7.1- Port Operations Observatory in the MediterraneanSimplification of the procedures associated with Customs: ENS, EXS, SDTS and Import/Export SAD
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