Collaborative framework for energy efficiency SME systems

Real time tool for energy efficient transport

More energy efficiency.
Less CO2

Imagine a permanent collaborative framework for energy efficiency innovation: that is what the CO-EFFICIENT project introduces into SMEs’ operations and production processes. The scheme will coordinate cross-border and active living labs all over partner countries. It will associate R&D organizations, SMEs, and other stakeholders so as to jointly come up with novelties in energy efficiency.

Ten local pilots will be carried out through two international-scale living labs thereby developing energy-saving solutions for the participating SMEs.

The Right Pilot for the Convenient Driver

- A software tool to optimise container transport company activities
- A real-time tool assigning detailed transport orders to the most appropriate vehicle, based on its current location and tasks.
The software will consider the specific characteristics of the transportation of containers to the port from or exporters, or from the port to importers, in order to contribute to a better assignment of resources and less fuel consumption. The software efficiency will be checked during a three-years plan.

This application has already been implemented in five transport companies and is expected to be registered during May 2015. KPIs were collected so as to assess the efficiency and results will be available by the end of 2015.

Lead partner: University of Maribor

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