South Eastern Europe Marine and River Integrated System for Monitoring the Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Caution! Hazardous Freight

To Prevent Environmental Risks:

Hazardous Cargo Carrying Vessels Online

A harmonized data exchange system, SEEMariner makes it possible to view, track vessels and deliver a wide range of customized reports.

3 Assets for Environment Protection

- SEEMariner is a real-time vessel tracking solution based on the AIS data, interconnected to the Data Center located in Piraeus. A multilingual platform offering access to partner areas and ports general information, to specific databases as well as to specialized databases (Legislation and Accidents).

- SEEMariner provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art & best practices applied to information systems developed from the Adriatic Sea to the Black Sea and beyond, for the monitoring of maritime and inland water transport, along with handling and storage of dangerous goods.

- SEEMariner encompasses an innovative Oil Spill Detection module, based on thermal imaging cameras. Acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the existing maritime surveillance systems, the SEEMariner partnership designed and implemented a cost-effective Oil Spill Detection System for remotely sensing oil spills in the vicinity of a port (≈1km) from a static position, through combined use of IR and UV cameras.

Tomorrow, a larger Network

SEEMariner is an innovative, transferable and replicable system. Set up to build the foundation of the SEEMariner Network, it offers efficient tools and services to improve the interoperability of monitoring activities. In cases of emergency, the network will strengthen operational capabilities to prevent environmental risks.

Join the net !

SEEMariners‘s web-based open platform may be expanded with new features & services Ports and logistics actors, can now access real-time data referring to vessels traffic carrying Hazardous goods. Such information will help them enhance their operational capability and improve decision-making. Harbors and river ports, municipalities, research institutes and relevant stakeholders benefit from an efficient online tool to protect as well their surrounding waters, including rare, threatened and endangered species and habitats, for example from oil pollution..

Lead partner: Piraeus Port Authority S.A.

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