Toward a multimodal transport system


Identification of bottlenecks and missing links

The project examined and analyzed the bottlenecks and inadequate connections which hinder a fluid traffic of goods in the Adriatic Sea. A capital spending plan was launched which will lead to carrying out efficient MoS corridors.

Scope of the analysis

The scope of the analysis included the following aspects:
› Port Hinterland connections
› Land side terminal & quay
› Sea side terminal & quay
› Shipping operations
› Information exchange and documentation
› MoS service promotion & implementation from origin to destination
› Ecological aspect

From Catania to Igoumenitsa 18 ports of the Adriatic region under the microscope

Port of Catania, Port of Bari, Port of Ancona , Port of Ravenna, Port of Venice, Port of Trieste, Port of Koper, Port of Rijeka, Port of Zadar, Port of Šibenik, Port of Split (Gradska luka), Port of Split (Sjeverna luka), Port of Ploce, Port of Dubrovnik, Port of Bar, Port of Durres, Port of Vlore, Port of Igoumenitsa

Multimodal corridors for more fluid traffics

The plan brought forth actions fostering and sustaining intermodality in the maritime sector, in order to create optimal conditions for developing the Motorways of the Sea. Technical conclusions and recommendations are combined with political and programming aspects as well.

Lead partner: Rete Autostrade Mediterranee

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