Adriatic Port Community

an Interports Community initiative

The project aim

The Adriatic Port Community project aimed at developing an IT system based on a “Single Window” principle, namely a single interface improving the exchange of information among the ports involved in the initiative: Venice (Italy), Igoumenitsa (Greece), and Ploče (Croatia).

APC aims at streamlining administrative procedures related to ship arrivals and departures, managing incoming and outgoing flows of goods in port areas and improving the management of parking areas within the ports precinct. The APC software is on the creation of a single interface to enhance data exchanges between the three participating ports.

An IT System founded on the «Single Window» principle

Pilot test proved that the system ran properly. Functions met the users requirements. As an additional benefit, procedure automation truly improved the flow of information.

Next step: the pilot test will run in a real-time working environment.

Lead partner: Venic Port Authority

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