Business to motorways of the sea

Motorways of the Sea: Surfing on the Right Wave


How to improve, promote and simplify the use of multimodal short-sea services?
The B2MOS project aims to demonstrate the achieved results by the use of emerging & existing technologies with public and private collaborative information exchanges.

B2MOS shows the way

Two main pragmatic goals

› Improving interoperability of electronic messages and systems for exchanging essential transport documents such as electronic manifest, sea waybill, rail consignment note and commercial invoice.

› Clearing hurdles in intra-Community freight transport by sea, piloting IT solutions to increase cohesion and facilitate trade with peripheral and ultra-peripheral regions.

14 quick-win initiatives are under way

  1. Trade facilitation with ultra-peripheral regions
  2. Simplification of rail transit procedures
  3. Improvement of Customs and port control efficiency in trade flows with EU neighbouring countries
  4. Towards paperless and simpler MoS transport for shippers
  5. Refurbishment of port authorities’ management systems
  6. MoS virtual lanes in container terminals
  7. Coordinated shunting operations in railway stations and rail and intermodal port terminals
  8. ITS for port and transport communities
  9. Promoting Short Sea Shipping for consolidated shipments
  10. Electronic archives for MoS business stakeholders
  11. Facilitation of Customs inspection procedures in the port area
  12. Integration of seaport and river port information systems
  13. Clustering of sea ports in a region
  14. Data mining and Decision Support System

Lead partner: Valencia Port Foundation

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