The MEDNET strategic project aims to optimize port operations and harmonize customs procedures contributing to fuel the Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

MEDNET project is currently implementing 19 pilot actions in 10 Mediterranean countries. Their purpose is to develop innovative reengineering processes in view of facilitating trade and sea transport. The core achievement of the MEDNET project is technology based solutions in view to position Mediterranean ports as innovation hubs of the Blue Economy. Through the integration of information systems to rationalize and secure port operations and customs procedures, MEDNET solves targeted problems to build up a Seamless Logistics chain.

As a strategic project, MEDNET capitalizes knowledge, policy recommendations and innovative solutions developed by many other European projects targeting key thematics of the global logistic chain:

  • Gateways and hinterland connections
  • Custom procedures
  • Maritime safety & Impact Management
  • Port operations

After qualifying a number of European projects related to maritime logistics in the Mediterranean, MEDNET consortium preselected 20 projects from various European programmes in view of capitalizing significant results. The approach was quite innovative in the sense that each project had toself-assessitsdeliverablesandoutputs. AcapitalizationworkshopwasthenheldinMarseille,on March 10 th & 11th 2015, with the representatives of the afore mentioned 20 projects, to examine and validate the consistency and complementary of respective results, grouped in the 4 thematics.

In fact, carry out such an ambitious capitalization process is a huge challenge. At the end, only results of 15 projects were to be capitalized.

The main concern of this website is to share the projects outputs as a concrete contribution to Seamless Logistics in the Mediterranean.

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